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Play the games

August 14, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:U.P. ABC Football Rankings need a change.

Right now there are around 17 Class C schools in the U.P. to six A.B. schools from sportswriters and sportscasters towns. Very few Class C schools play or will play U.P. AB schools and especially they won't play Escanaba, Menominee and Kingsford. Each Mid Pen Team for example plays three non-conference games.

If they are going to be ranked with the AB U.P. schools, they should have to play their non-conference games against U.P. and C Class separate.

If you want to vote ABC classes together, then have two Class C's do the voting. That should be fair enough instead of 17 to six voting.

Most AB fans cannot afford to follow their teams if one week you go to lower Michigan and the next week have to go to Minnesota because U.P. Class C teams won't play them. You would get a lot more visiting fans to your games if you played U.P. teams.

In conclusion, to be fair the Class C teams need to play their non-conference games against U.P. AB schools if they want to be voted with them.

If a Class C team beats a Class A or B school they deserve to be ranked above them, but first they need to play the games.

Gary Chapman




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