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Believed in a living God

August 14, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:No nation has ever been as great as America.

Our nation was established by God-fearing men who believed in the holiness of Godly living. Our forefathers believed in a living God who gave us liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens.

It is up to us as people of this great nation to protect our nation and continue to live Godly lives. Today we are seeing America becoming a people undecided as to where we are going.

"What Then"

When the great plants of our cities have turned out their last finished work;

When our merchants have sold out their last yard of silk and dismissed the tired clerk;

When our banks have raked in their last dollar; and paid their last dividend;

When the judge of the world says, Closed for the night, and asks for a balance, what then?

When the choirs have sung their last anthem and the preacher has read his last prayer; when the people have heard their last sermon, and the song has died on the air; when the Bible lies closed on the altar, and the pews are all empty of men;

and each one stands facing their record; and the great book is open, what then?

When the actors have played their last drama, and the mimic has made his last fun;

when the film has flashed its last picture; and the billboard has displayed its last run;

when the crowds seeking pleasure have vanished and gone out into darkness again; when the trumpet of the ages is sounded; and we stand before him, what then?

When the bugles last call sinks into silence, and the long marching columns stand still; when the captain has given his last orders, and they have captured the last fort and hill, when the flag has been furled from the masthead, and the wound afield have checked in, and the world that rejected its saviour, is asked for a reason, what then?

May we change our ways.

Author unknown.

Gordon Shewmaker




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