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Stop passing the buck

August 16, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Do yourself a favor and don't bother to call the Dickinson County Road Commission to have a dead deer removed close to your property.

My husband and I live in Quinnesec and two weeks ago I heard a car slam on its breaks and something metal hit and rolled around on the highway.

I looked out my north window and couldn't see anything so I assumed a deer was hit with little or no damage to the vehicle.

The next morning I looked out the same north window and saw a dead deer laying a little ways from the highway near the railroad tracks.

I figured someone from the county would come by and dispose of it in a timely matter (before decomposition) sets in. Wrong. It laid there a full week. I called the road commission and the lady told me she wasn't sure if it was the road commission or Breitung Township's responsibility to dispose of it.

Now, here's where the story gets more ridiculous.

Shortly after speaking to the road commission, a man came by with his truck and trailer driving real slow. My husband and I went outside to see if he was going to remove the dead carcass as his truck said "Nuisance Control" on it.

The man followed my husband out toward the dead deer and then said he could not remove it because it is on railroad property and he would be trespassing.

He got in his truck and drove away. It is now two weeks and neither me nor my husband can sit outside and enjoy our deck because of the stench if the wind is blowing the right way.

Tomorrow morning, my husband plans to tie a rope around the carcass and pull it onto the shoulder of the highway.

Maybe then the road commission will see to it that it will disposed of properly. Please stop passing the buck to someone else and do your job. (It was a buck).

Wanda Gardipee




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