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The land of the free?

August 16, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:You're either free, or you're not.

This concept our founding fathers had, seems to be totally and completely lost in society today. I'm not afraid to let people make choices in their own lives, and I'm not afraid to accept consequences for my actions.

They say this is the land of the free? Our own government can't even count how many laws exist in this country.

Wake up. The original U.S. Constitution was made up of only six pages. Today we seem to beg for authority to invade our private lives and tell us what we can eat, what we can wear, what colors we're allowed to paint our home, what animals we can own, and when, where, and if we can have a cigarette.

We've made this country into a joke, with King George getting the last laugh. Both parties push restrictive laws because somebody, somewhere got their feelings hurt, or even killed.

Your liberty is once again chipped away in the name of "the greater good." People, you're either free or you're not.

Read the Constitution.

Seth Gregory


Iron Mountain



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