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We must do something

August 17, 2012
The Daily News


A few weeks ago the DNR issued a statement about the increase in our antlerless deer population and will increase permits to allow shooting them.

I was a aghast when I read the article. Sure, we have an increase in antlerless deer around areas like Sawyer Lake, Channing, Breen Township, Iron Mountain-Kingsford, but not in out normal deer habitat areas.

Let's look at an area just west of Channing which has 120 acres of beautiful cedar swamp, with a railroad running through it. Years ago before the wolves inundated us, the deer had beaten down paths in the snow across the tracks. Now, you see very few deer tracks, but, wolf tracks are prevalent in the snow.

This was one of the best natural deer yards in the U.P. Now, even the wolves are heading south with the deer that they chased out of their natural habitat.

What can we do to get the deer back into their natural habitat?

First, do issue more antlerless deer licenses; second, reduce the wolf population in our area, basically Iron and Dickinson counties; third, stop killing of deer in our local cities, instead stun them and transport them north to their natural habitat which includes cedar swamps for winter habitat; fourth, find a better method to count deer.

As it appears to me, we are just as errant in counting deer as we are in counting wolves.

As I wrote in previous articles, the DNR, in March 1943, stated wolves were practical extinct. They stated there were two and possible three wolves left in the U.P. and none below Koski's Korners.

In January 1943, I saw wolf tracks 30 miles below Koski's Korners, in May of 1943 a wolf growled and gnashed his teeth at my friend and then ran past me by a creek 40 miles below Koski's Korners.

We must do something different immediately or it will be devastating to our local fall economy, not to say the hundreds of pounds of venison that were always donated to the needy.

Leo Fende




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