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Matthew Dunn's super agent Spycatcher returns

August 20, 2012
By REGINA M. ANGELI - Books Writer , The Daily News

Former British Secret Service officer Matthew Dunn, who wrote the popular

"Spycatcher," has another spycatcher novel for his super agent Will Cochrane, "Sentinel." (William Morrow, 313 pages)

Will Cochrane receives a message from a dying Russian submarine captain that a rogue Russian officer, Colonel Taras Khmelnytsky, is trying to start a war between Russian and the United States, and that "only Sentinel can stop him."

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Cochrane is paired with his predecessor, code-named Sentinel, who survived years of torture at the infamous Lubyanka prison. Sentinel was the first agent to withstand the rigorous Spartan program.

Only a pair of master spies can hope to stop the crafty Colonel Khmelnytsky, alias Razin, before he can set off a nuclear bomb with the diabolical intention of starting a war between Russia and the United States.

As a former member of British MI6, Dunn writes as someone who is familiar with

the cat and mouse game of espionage where the loyalties of agents can never be taken for granted as he shows in a truly dynamite ending.

In reading this work of "fiction," one begins to fear that the dreaded Doomsday Clock, which is said to measure how close the world is to a catastrophic nuclear war, is ticking ominously close to the perilous midnight hour.



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