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EPA too idealistic

August 23, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:This administration is really messing up our employment of legal immigrants and unemployed workers. Also, the EPA should take another look at their program.

First, let's look at Obama's program with illegal immigrants. He is giving legal status and I think citizenship to thousands of illegal immigrants.

Second, he is giving thousands of illegal aliens in Illinois work permits. He is doing both of these by clever maneuvers because he could not get approval from Congress.

Why? Certainly not to help our already suffering unemployed and legal immigrants. It is to get him elected in a few swing states. One more term of Obama and we will definitely become a second class nation.

The EPA was and still is a much needed organization. It has become an idealistic rather than a realistic organization.

My suggestion to become a realistic instead of an idealistic organization is the following.

First, retire the top eight EPA officials with full retirement benefits.

Second, hire two lawyers, two engineers, two factory workers, and two business representatives to replace them. Any decision made by the board to change the existing regulations must be approved by 60 percent of the people in the area involved to make the change legal.

We are forcing many manufacturing plants to move out of this country, with the loss of thousands of jobs, billions of dollars in tax revenue lost plus an increase in global warming as the countries that take over our manufacturing have no pollution control or restrictions. Also I am thinking that this lack of control, on their part, is causing our current weather change.

In conclusion, I am positive that any local changes approved by 60 percent of the local people will increase our employment, increase state and federal taxes and decrease global warming.

Leo Fende




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