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Thinking a little harder

August 24, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:I have read so many letters in this column which do not agree with my 16 years of Catholic education, so I am compelled to add my view for Christian people, not that fortunate in educational opportunity, in hopes they will try to think a little harder about a very serious political issue.

I am a middle-road, thinking Democrat, like my Dad. Not a liberal, even if some people seem not to understand the difference.

I'm also not a one-issue voter. All politics are far too complicated to decide so many lives on only one issue. Killing people is sinful, whether by abortion, at age zero, or by starving them and cutting off their health care to die at age 7, age 30, age 70, or age 100. You get the picture. Unnecessary murder is murder. Each life and death is precious.

The Republicans give the money, saved by stealing the welfare programs from the very poor, (this same welfare money), to the Republican multi-millionaires, in enormous, ungodly tax deductions.

These tax deductions are actually a special welfare program for the super-wealthy, (like a $77,000 deduction for a horse, when a human child is only worth $3,500).

But Republicans are allowed to enjoy their welfare, without any stigma at all, like the poor always endure, even though they too are "getting money (huge amounts) for doing nothing." They brag about it!

Republicans are also deathly against unions, which afford living wages to people with families, and provide unemployment compensation when there are bad times and lay-offs. Christian voters must think of all these things to be fully informed voters, and weigh all the good against all the bad in each party.

Of course, there are many more brutal murders/killings that some voters never even think about! Wealthy Republican investors love wars, and are always trying to incite the next one. Wars, of course, are very profitable business, never-mind that thousands of innocent lives are lost/killed/murdered (whichever semantics) unnecessarily. But, it's a very lucrative investment advantage for many of the wealthy. After all, it's usually not their kids being sacrificed!

The spoils of war, with rebuilding, are also another source of great reward for those same investors. Halliburton made multi-millions or billions rebuilding Iraq. And, now there will also be Afghanistan. Course, we can't rebuild the lives! But those are not the lives and deaths or killings getting prime political attention, like abortions.

Then we have the homeless, starving, poor in our own country, amounting to many more deaths every year. These deaths are the direct result of having had their food and health care programs cut, which problem is going to get worse under Romney/Ryan, according to their proposed budget. But the super-wealthy obviously need their tax deductions more. This number of deaths, always, greatly exceeds any numbers we see from abortions in our country, but nobody bothers to care. Of course, even though each woman makes the abortion decision herself, a matter for her own conscience, Democrats are always the ones blamed for the abortion.

Most abortions are chosen in desperation by women who believe they do not have enough money to feed and care for another baby! They probably have no God in their lives or no faith in God. When there is no sterile facility available for abortion, women commit their own abortions with unsterile hangers, tools, drugs, or other self-abuse, many times killing both the baby and the mother, usually by hemorrhage or sepsis. As a nurse, I have seen these miscarried, precious, miniature human beings, which no one could ever see, and then deny, are little people, with eyes nose, fingers, everything!

Some voters simply don't care about all the facts and deaths, don't even want to know ("Don't talk politics to me!") and never even bother to think about all the rest of the brutal deaths/killings from Republicans deleting the Democratic programs.

They only want to consider the abortion issue, as if the other deaths are less important. Fortunately, God gave us brains to use, and the responsibility for thinking of all the problems and causes of these killings, not just for "accepting" and "believing" that one kind of killing. Which party's responsibilities for the killings are O.K.? Neither, of course.

However, I see much more of Christ in the humanitarian Democratic programs to help people, than in those making sure the super-wealthy get their tax deductions, while we pay their share of our country's bills. The bulk of these tax deductions goes to those multi-millionaires and billionaires making more than the dividing amount of $250,000 each, per year ($400-500,000 per couple), which group does not include the majority of people in the United States, which is us.

All the Democrat welfare programs are for the poor. All the Republican welfare programs (under their fancier names, like subsidies, grants, tax deductions, bail-outs, etc.) are for themselves, the super-wealthy, the 2 percent of people in our country.

We cannot cut this "baby" in half, as Solomon suggested to the two harlots fighting over the one baby they both claimed. But we are obligated as Christians, by pain of conscience, to choose as Christ would choose. How nice and easy it would be if we could simply, rationally, consider only abortion!

Would Christ choose the Pharisee or the Publican?

Mary L. Grabski

Florence, Wis.



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