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One person, one vote

September 5, 2012
The Daily News


Prior to the recent Wisconsin recall election, Judge David Flanagan, a signer of the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker, threw out our voter ID law. His decision was naturally supported by the Democratic Party and "League of Leftist Women Voters," Milwaukee and Green Bay Chapters.

It is very easy to find a leftist oriented judge in Dane County where two judges ruled against the vote ID law. Now the "leftistcrats," who want it easier to commit voter fraud, know where to find judges who are leftist idealogues.

Over the past several elections, there was widespread concern over multiple illegal voting in our state, in Minnesota, and of course, in Illinois.

We can guess that Judge Flanagan most likely made up his mind prior to the actual court case with the support of the Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters. We deserve protection from voter corruption, which his decision enables and encourages.

One person, one vote is the moral way to protect our country from this travesty.

I find it interesting that food stamp recipients can manage to qualify in record numbers, but have a problem with obtaining a picture ID to vote.

We need to take our country back in November.

F. Paul Jensen

Florence, Wis



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