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Presidency of excuses

September 6, 2012
The Daily News


After almost four years of bureaucratic excess the Obama administration has been quietly postponing several multibillion dollar regulations until after the election.

The Wall Street Journal informed its readers of the mega-rule proposed by the EPA that could block business expansion in many areas of the country and will be an item in 2013. Also the ozone rule will be on the front burner to limit emissions from cars, power plants and factories. Currently up to 85 percent of U.S. counties monitored by the EPA would be in violation. The EPA itself says this could impose up to $90 billion in yearly costs to manufacturers and other employers.

Also put off until after the election is the new rear-view camera rule requiring all cars and trucks to be equipped with a rear-view camera and video display on the dashboard costing $2.7 billion to automakers and car buyers. New regulations and mandates bring more government regulators, bigger deficits and continued Obamamomics.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, one of Obama's favorites, a snow job expert, just got smacked down for the sixth time by federal judges for not following the laws of the United States.

Mr. Obama will not restore America's influence in the international arena. The U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon ignored Obama and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu to attend a summit of non-aligned movement in Tehran.

Obama said his diplomacy would enhance U.S. influence and create a safer more stable Middle East. Instead the region is more dangerous and may be sliding into another war because no one trusts U.S. resolve.

This year alone Obama's government has managed to lose three high profile Supreme Court cases 9-0, meaning even Mr. Obama's own appointees voted against him. Many politicians are con artists but Mr. Obama is exceptional. He would fit perfectly in North Korea.

The real guts of America is its multi-talented labor force and it doesn't want American workers dependent on politicians.

This administration is following the Jennifer Granholm Michigan road. She was the primary reason Michigan was ranked dead last among all 50 states during her governorship.

Michigan is recovering but Obama will do the same thing to America if he is re-elected.

Obamacare, taxmegeddon, exploding government, a shrinking economy and that is only a sampling. Even his budget is a joke. It failed in the Senate in May by a vote of 97 to zero. Contrast Paul Ryan's budget that passed the House in March and was described a sensible, straightforward and serious.

Obama appeals to Hollywood types, entitlement recipients, shady characters and those who aren't paying attention to a president who ignores our Constitution.

He and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder lied and tried to cover up an illegal pipeline for shipping guns into Mexico. Leaked U.S. state department cables exposed this lie by the administration. With our government's full knowledge and complicity BATFE higher-ups ordered firearms dealers to sell these guns to straw purchasers. Government e-mails warn witnesses not to cooperate and congressional subpoenas are being ignored.

Government never makes ends meet. When it goes into business it can always shift its losses to the taxpayers. His is a presidency of excuses. His latest alibi is Europe's threat of recession stating, "Obviously that matters to us because Europe is our largest trading partner."

Wrong again. Canada is, followed by China and Mexico.

Being truthful isn't important to a deceiver like Obama. Reporting all news with sincerity and honesty Fox News has upset this administration. Therefore they are trying to silence them and put them out of business. The reverse should be the case.

It's no mystery, Washington hasn't done anything positive for America in the past almost four years. We are in financial trouble. We need deeds not words. Our national debt is now a crushing $15 trillion and climbing. The interest alone on that debt is at $474 billion currently.

The real choice this November is about the role of government. This administration wants to impose the unilateral decisions of state over those of millions of Americans, so stated the Wall Street Journal. Pride still matters and we have to re-establish it in our county's leadership.

George Zaio

Iron Mountain



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