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Obama sure has failed

September 7, 2012
The Daily News


How do we get our economy growing and legal citizens employed?

Certainly not by passing congress and giving illegal immigrants by the thousands in Chicago work permits.

Definitely not by giving citizenship to illegal immigrants, instead of giving border states more help to keep them out.

Certainly not by forcing people to buy insurance if they don't want it.

Certainly not by criticizing the wife of your opponent of taking advantage of a tax advantage that allowed her to save $17,000 off her income while he was sending his wife all over the world on vacations on Air Force planes, probably illegal and costing our taxpayers millions.

Four more years of this type of thinking will put us in a complete and unrecoverable recession.

We must have a way to get our labor force back to work.

Obama sure has failed.

Mitt Romney has the experience to help build small business across U.S.A.

Paul Ryan knows small business. Both are family men with very high regard for their wives.

After four years you can go back to your normal way of picking who you vote for, but this next election is critical for our existence as a sovereign nation.

Leo Fende


I was so



Shame. The night that Romney gave his speech should have been a good night (it normally is). I was so appalled by Clint Eastwood and his disgusting insulting words.

I have some fine friends who are Republicans and they are of the finest nature. They did not deserve something like this. I am a voting Democrat as was my wife but we both came from Republican homes.

I pray that the Democrat convention does not stoop to this level.

Paul Anderson

Iron Mountain

A lot of

good people


Here we go again - every afternoon the Kingsford High School Marching Band practices across the alley from my home in the Kingsford High School practice football field.

We look forward to hearing the Star Spangled Banner and Hail Sons of Kingsford. Without you hard working band members and a dedicated and patient Mr. Sherk there wouldn't be a band.

Will see you all at the parades and football games. Keep marching and make our school and city proud.

Readers, there are a lot of good people doing good things in our community.

Write the editor and let the public know.

Agatha Cavaiani




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