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We need your support

September 13, 2012
The Daily News


People of Kingsford have you become complacent?

Our civil liberties are at stake. The Pitbull Ban is not just about dogs, it's about your rights, the right to due process of law. When or where will such laws stop? If we allow this law to go unchallenged what will they take next, our guns, our homes, our food and drink.

No this is not just about dogs it's about freedom.

Ben Franklin once said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

People of Kingsford, are we willing to give up out liberties, our freedom?

On the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution our rights are more precious than they were in 1787. Our country's size has grown, its people have transmigrated into a large melting pot, and rule of law has become clouded.

Thomas Jefferson said "When wrongs are pressed because it is believed they will be borne, resistance becomes morality."

It's not just here in Kingsford but through out the nation, politicians have become dictatorial and their rule oppressive.

Don't believe me, look at New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has outlawed foods containing transfats, soda drinks of 16 ounces or larger, and infant formula in hospitals. The California Legislature has done the same with happy meals.

It's happening all over the country. The politicians say, "Let us tell you how to run your lives, for we know better, we are the anointed ones."

Their power does not come from God and they are not divine. Political power comes from we the people.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are our only protection from the governmental abuse. Don't take your rights for granted. We need your support. Too many of our troops have died for our liberties. We need to remind our political leaders from where the power truly comes from.

We need to stand up and shout, "I'm mad as heck and I'm not going to take it anymore."

We need you to get involved.

Mark Wiederrecht

Iron Mountain



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