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Anti-American hypocrite

September 14, 2012
The Daily News


How dare Romney criticize President Obama about unemployment statistics? Of all people, Mitt Romney, the traitor, should know better than to even hint at this topic.

First of all, if he follows anything at all about his party, he should know that the House Republican majority, under John Boehner, (supposedly a Christian Catholic, obviously for looks and votes only, like Ryan), directed his majority to vote against Obama's jobs bill, which he submitted last year, not once, but three times, which the Republicans voted against, all three times.

Their intent, as actually admitted out loud by Boehner, several times, was to make sure Obama did not get credited with any more accomplishments, because they wanted him to look so bad he could not get re-elected.

Yes, as un-American, and un-patriotic, and as childish, second grader-ish, cowardly, and inhumane, as that is, that is exactly what happened in the Republican Congress this past session.

To make matter worse, the Republicans didn't even have any alternate jobs plan to help the American unemployed people that they just crapped on.

Nothing, not a thing, to take its place.

And there were plenty of "r"epublicans (the ones without the millions who vote against themselves) who were also out of work. Was it not bad enough that Romney's treasonous outsourcing of our jobs to foreign countries, filled his own pockets and his Cayman Island tax evasion hiding places, with that blood money?

No. Now, he's going to even try to get some votes for his being a traitor, by blaming Obama for the results of his anti-American, treasonous, greedy, selfish activities.

The man has got to be nuts. And he wants to pretend he has our country at heart and would do us justice as our president.

Give me a break. Not by a long shot. He simply wants the title and the money. To heck with what happens to our country. He hasn't shown any love of our country in his actions.

And, actions speak louder than words or ads. His entire life is full of selfish greed and luxury. He has no clue how normal people, the majority, even live. If you're too poor to go to college, "borrow some money from your parents." Hello. Anything in there? I've never seen anyone else so selfishly anti-American, pro-himself, in my entire lifetime.

This self-centered, anti-American hypocrite must never be our president, or we'd go down the tubes faster than Bush put us there. And deeper.

Mary L. Grabski

Florence, Wis.



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