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How can we be proud?

September 14, 2012
The Daily News


I don't know where I got the urge to put in paper my feelings regarding the political scene but I think the word is concern. So here goes.

It matters not whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or an Independent, but be sure you understand what privatizing Social Security and voucherizing Medicare will mean to you and your wallet down the road.

From what I have heard the people who will be affected by this the most are of the ages of 55 to 70 so we have been told, but beware to those who are even older.

Because of my wife's prolonged illness and the treatments involved, under the new plan, I would have had to take a loan out in my name to pay for everything.

That problem will face millions of Americans in the older age bracket. This is not what seniors need in their lives, unless you have an extra $600 or more each month to pay for the new health coverage under the voucher system.

My mom and dad were Republicans but it was a much different Republican party that also put America first. I can still recall a picture of Herbert Hoover hanging on the wall so that told you I've been around awhile.

I was so young at the time that I didn't know if it was J. Edgar or Herbert. There were men like Eisenhower, Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan, Nelson Rockefeller, Everett Dirksen of Illinois, Ronald Reagan that you could admire, at least I did.

They put America first and not themselves. And for a politician the good of America should still be at the top of their agenda, putting aside their own personal and selfish gains and goals.

I think one of the finest times for America as politics was when both the Bushes (father and son) along with President Clinton worked together when those awful disasters struck in different areas of the world. That gave me a good feeling. I also think back on the involvement of former President Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity. Those are the things that bring back a good feeling of pride.

How can we be proud if representatives, senators and governors who have, to quote from an old song, sold their souls to the company store?

Paul Anderson

Iron Mountain



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