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National and local elections

September 17, 2012
The Daily News


First of all, I would like to say that I have always voted for who I thought was best for the middle class. Yes, the workers of the U.S.A.

I did not care if you were a construction worker, mechanic, teacher, nurse, lawyer, doctor, business person, etc. They are the backbone of U.S.A.

I will discuss EPA and national and local elections and how they affect our economy.

First the EPA.

If a company cannot quite come down to the existing strict standards, we should have a vote on the issue, and if 60 percent of the population approves the operation, they can continue operating.

Do not force them to sell their equipment to people who throw away the pollution control part of the equipment.

They are operating from India to Russia. I am quite sure they are polluting just like a bunch of volcanos. This cloud comes up to Alaska and our west coast and Canada. This I feel is causing our drastic drought and heat conditions.

Second, Obama and Romney.

Obama is trying to give 1.4 million illegal immigrants citizenship by manner and bypassing Congress and our constitution. He already bypassed Congress to give them work permits. Yes, with 8 percent of our workforce out of work, he added another 1 million.

He is doing this to get elected in some key western states, not for our out of work workforce. He took full credit for the Bin Ladin execution. He did not say the Navy Seals had been tracking and finally pulled the trigger.

Also, he took full credit for bailing out GM and said how their production lines were loaded. What he did not say is he ordered thousands of vehicles from them. Did we need them? Did we take bids?

What about Romney? He knows how to get our economy rolling and our workforce (not illegal workforce) back to work. Once back to work and the economy is rolling along, we can elect a Congress that does what we want.

The alternative is to elect Obama and become a third-class nation and go bankrupt with 50 percent of us out of work.

Now for our local elections.

I got a letter from Gary McDowell. As state representative, he banned private companies from selling Great Lakes water to other states and countries for profit.

The second thing he said was the Sierra Club said Benishek must lose because he was for big oil companies to deduct the cost of drilling wells the year that they drill them.

Banning the sale of drinking water from the Great Lakes seems a little ridiculous. Big oil companies wanting to deduct the cost of drilling wells the same year they drill them sounds logical to me.

What he (McDowell) didn't say about our local economy is the Sierra Club, which is a great organization, was instrumental in putting the wolves back on the endangered species list. This is so they could continue to watch them strolling down the roads into federal parks.

Wolves have chased the deer out of their natural habitat into the towns and cities.

When most of the does and fawns are gnarled, gashed and eaten, we are next.

Soon millions of dollars will be lost to the state on deer license sales and to the local economy in the U.P.

I know this for a fact because I own 40 acres of cedar swamp in the middle of 160 acres of cedar swamp. It is probably the best winter deer yard in the U.P. It was inhabited by hundreds of deer in the winter and now nearly void of deer.

Benishek was a doctor for many years in the U.P. He saw how Obama was squandering our money and undermining our own workforce by bypassing Congress and giving the 1.4 million illegal aliens work permits and by bypassing Congress to keep them in the U.S.A.

How does this help our economy and our unemployed workforce?

Yes Benishek would probably allow people to sell water form Lake Michigan at a profit to drink. I suppose Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois could change them for it.

Also, I don't see anything wrong with allowing corporations to deduct costs of drilling wells the year they occurred.

Benishek is basically trying to get the middle class back to work, which seems to be a better goal than stopping people from selling Lake Michigan water for drinking.

Leo Fende




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