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Who will they listen to?

September 18, 2012
The Daily News

Should you know what you are choosing?

The question came to mind because of a response Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan gave to a national reporter in an interview. He has been asked this question at least twice over national television.

The question was to identify one tax loophole (tax break) in the federal tax code he would eliminate. The answer was that he and Mr. Romney will wait till Congress gets back after the election and work with Congress to figure it out.

He refused to identify any loopholes to try to eliminate after repeated questioning. I supposed because he did not want to, or he had not identified any.

Since the Constitution mandates that tax bills originate in the House of Representatives, this means that the Republican House (assuming they maintain the majority in the House) will be initially proposing any change in current tax. Since the representatives face election every two years, they are in constant search for money and donors.

This makes the representatives really vulnerable to lobbyist and wealthy individuals with expectations of getting market and financial advantages through law changes, or changes in regulations pertinent to them. This is also the part of the U.S. government that has had an approximate 15 percent approval rating for months.

I believe we should know what we are voting for, and that information should be factual - not assumptions or political spin given out by politically slanted organizations. We are not getting that from the Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates or the national Republican candidates in our area.

What loopholes have Representatives Benishek and Ribble actually proposed to close in the last two years? I am not aware of any.

If Rep. Benishek's past insertion of an amendment into a major spending bill to dump between 310 and 500 tons per year of coal ash (a serious toxic industrial waste product identified in WI statute Ch. NR 538.08(3)) into Lake Michigan and supported by Rep. Ribble indicates anything, it indicates that the industrial lobbying agents and big money win over clean water and habitat protection in their decision- making process.

Who do you think they will listen to when deciding who gets tax breaks and which tax breaks (loopholes) get protected when they get back to Washington?

Gilbert Engel

Niagara, Wis.



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