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Divide and conquer

September 18, 2012
The Daily News


This is in response to the Obama supporter that decided that "Romney Needs to Learn".

In his closing statement at the Republican National Convention, Gov. Romney referred to the President's promise that he would slow the tides of the ocean and heal the planet.

Obama has made many promises that he obviously hasn't been able to fulfill. Although in his mind, he believes he really can slow the tides of the ocean and heal the planet. Probably single-handedly.

He still thinks that, even though the country has grown more unstable in every direction since his inauguration almost four years ago.

I feel his goal is not to heal the planet, but to divide Americans against each other in order to stay in power. In the last four years I feel as though I have no president.

The reason being that he has demonized, ridiculed and even gone so far as to call us the enemy. I thought when elected to this high office he would be there for all Americans. Not just the ones that agree with him at every turn. I have seen his frustration and anger surface when things don't go his way.

He has done nothing to unite the country, but has spent these past four years doing just the opposite. The "Hope and Change" has become "Divide and Conquer."

Gov. Romney is not speaking to the people as though he were a god. (Slow the tides of the ocean and heal the planet.) He speaks from the determination to help the American people to stop the suffering.

This is the relationship to reality that you say Romney needs to learn. I feel President Obama is the one lacking in the knowledge of reality. The Democratic National Convention was filled with nothing but bumper sticker slogans and the same empty campaign promises that were eloquently read, written by speech writers in 2007. They might as well have just played a rerun of the DNC in 2008.

Rents have increased, gas has doubled and food has gone up at least 50 percent. I don't want to hear lofty promises. I want to see families being helped. I appreciated Romney's simplicity - the economy is the problem.

Good thing for "Romney Needs to Learn" that "saving the planet" isn't a measurable goal, with any real means of determining the success or failure of your efforts and the value of your expenditures.

You want to "heal the planet?" How about waiting until more important things are resolved, such as keeping our nation from going bankrupt, buried in a sea of debt?

In my opinion, this is what is wrong with liberals. They worry about things that might be, although uncertain, instead of the certainty of the immediate problem.

Believe me the earth will take care of itself as it has for eons and without your help!

Kathleen Kohn

Iron Mountain



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