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Keeps on campaigning

September 19, 2012
The Daily News


I must write this letter, I will tell you I am mad, insulted, and embarrassed. This is about what just happened in Egypt at our Embassy.

This current President is a national security risk the likes I have never seen since Jimmy Carter.

Before I start I will tell you that out of high school I volunteered to enter the military. I served from 1964-68 during the Vietnam war. I am a veteran, I served my country. Never, since I was in the military have I been so embarrassed by the actions of the present President and the Democratic Party!

We had four diplomats killed (in Libya) and we have a President that instead of returning to the White House with this event, he keeps on campaigning and raising money. It was a shame that the Muslim Brotherhood won control over a Democratic nation like Egypt.

We gave this new government $1.6 billion and they let this happen to our people over there! They knew there was going to be a riot and they don't send in additional troops to break up the riot? Oh, of course not, they are Muslims controlling Egypt now, they do care about Americans.

Yes, there was an amateur video that was put on YouTube that was not good, but to kill four Americans because they were offended!

They kill our people, burn our flag, destroy our building there, and that is OK? Then, the White House apologizes for the video, what are you kidding me, apologize. Where is the apology for the killing of our people!

These terrorists are from Satan and we have a President who has no spine, he does nothing but campaign.

Mr. Romney has more spine than Obama ever will have, he said the right thing, and the liberal press tears Romney down. I am sick of the liberal press protecting this fake of a President in everything that happenes.

I know, I can hear you now, you don't respect the President. Yes I do not respect him, he is an insult to Americans and America. He is not for America, he is not for the poor, or the working class, he is for destroying America, and he is succeeding. One more term with him and this country is done.

I am ashamed of the people who after this still do not believe he is destroying this country. I love this country too much to see it going in the direction it is heading.

We need new leadership in Washington. The President should have condemned the Muslims for this dastardly act and promised retaliation. He also refuses to meet with the leader of Israel when he comes to Washington, he is against Israel, and we as Americans can not be against Israel.

Then, in the Democratic convention the Democrats refuse to have Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and they refuse to have God on the platform. In the convention the speaker asked three times to vote, and each time the delegates said no to God. And you are going to vote for them, they shake their fist at God and deny God.

The Democratic Party is for abortion on demand, gay marriage, gay rights, and you are going to vote for them. You should be ashamed of yourself if you are a Democrat, and you better not call yourself a Christian if you vote for Obama. I could write more, I am still angry at this Administration, and fully ashamed of where they are taking this country.

Allan Peterson




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