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We just don’t agree

September 24, 2012
The Daily News


This November is a very important election for our country and for our state, regarding the presidential election, the state elections, and ballot proposals. Let's not lose sight that next year, in 2013, there will be two council seats up for election in the city of Kingsford. The two individuals that the citizens elect will determine if the citizens run this city or if the unions will.

The unions have had control over the Kingsford City Council for decades. The latest issue that the unions have taken a stand over is against forming a Public Safety Authority, uniting Kingsford Public Safety and Iron Mountain Police and Fire Departments into one entity.

The union will say anything to stop this from happening. They will scare you, stretch figures, whatever it will take - to keep the people from voting in their own best interests.

Take into consideration, many people's property values went down. Most people are working harder for less. The union got its 2 1/2 percent pay increase because of the pro-union views on the council. Three of the five members on the council are either union members or collecting a union pension.

There will be more letters to follow. I would like to close with this. Anyone may feel free to contact me. My personal contact information is listed on the web page for the city of Kingsford, under Council Members.

I respect my fellow councilmen and the employees of the city of Kingsford. We just don't agree on some major issues.

Brian K. Smeester


City of Kingsford



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