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This is unpatriotic

September 24, 2012
The Daily News


In 1948, Harry Truman famously ran against the "Do-nothing congress."

That 1947-48 congress had only passed 908 laws. They now look like overachievers compared to the current congress, which has passed only a little over 100, including the naming of some government offices. Oh, they have voted, many times. One which passed was a bill to remove restrictions on a 32-acre parcel of land in Accomack County, VA. (It took five votes to pass.)

They have voted 33 times to repeal all or parts of the Affordable Care Act. They voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. They voted against the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.

Our own congressman voted to end funding for the Essential Air Service, which supports service into Ford Airport, as well as Houghton, Marquette, Escanaba, etc. He did nothing to stop the threatened closing of the post office, when he should have demanded that congress act to remove the burdens upon the Post Office that the congress itself had imposed.

He has voted to reduce pollution standards, allowing more poisons to dump into the Great Lakes. He voted to let oil companies off the hook for their spills, forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab for clean-up. He voted against efforts to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. He, a doctor, voted against health care for all, as well as voting for the voucherization of Medicare. He has stated that he believes that Social Security should be privatized. In voting for the Ryan budget, he gave his approval to cuts in Medicaid, which would negatively impact the elderly in nursing homes. When asked about unemployment in the U.P., he said, "People don't want to work..." (Oh, yeah, bring your business to Upper Michigan, where people don't want to work.)

Congressman Benishek's most recent ad features testimonials from folks about what a good, caring doctor he is. No one doubts his surgical skill. It just seems, as a congressman, Dan Benishek makes a good surgeon.

On the night of Obama's inauguration, eight Republican leaders met to plot their future course. They all agreed to reject every one of Obama's plans, no matter what. They would lead their members to vote no to every request from the White House, regardless of the needs of the country; thus would they make Obama a one-term president.

So they effectively brought this country to a standstill. In my opinion, this is unpatriotic, even treasonous. For that alone, they should not be re-elected.

Lola Johnson




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