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A good place to start

September 27, 2012
The Daily News


Just because it's not illegal doesn't mean it's right.

Well, here we go folks. I haven't heard any good words from either party. Probably cause there aren't any.

Can't wait to hear what they have to say after the election. I was going to write a few words about our responsibility to vote for candidates that have integrity, family values, display honesty, etc.

I started researching and I'm still looking for the candidate with those values from either party.

Here, a Republican from California paid his wife and campaign treasurer $238,434 in salary.

Democrat from Montana paid his sister's law office $292,557 in fees.

Another congressman paid his wife $512,293 to work in his congressional office.

A Republican who I had respected paid salaries or fees to his daughter, brother, grandson, daughter's mother-in-law, granddaughter and grandson-in-law more than $300,000.

We are reassured that nothing illegal occurred. This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. They tell us we have to reduce government spending. I know a good place to start.

Then we have our local lobbyist for the health industry sending me material from the medical suppliers about the dire situation we are facing if things aren't changed.

They seem to think they can convince me that I as an individual have a better chance to negotiate an economical health coverage package by dealing directly with the companies.

I think the government representing over a hundred million people can drive a better bargain than I can. Perhaps they can tell me why hearing aids are around $3,000 for a pair.

With the developments in miniaturization in electronics they shouldn't cost more than a good pair of glasses. Why can I get a discount and a 90 day supply on my prescriptions if I order through the mail but my local pharmacist can't give me more than a 30 day supply?

These are the issues that effect me. Why aren't these discussed in the fliers we receive? Our congress seems to think if it doesn't violate a law then it's OK and they have no responsibility to the people. I'd like to see congress take in mind moral considerations in their activities.

Then there was Republican proposal #HR1.

They wanted to take $290 million from the VA. How come they could afford to begin two wars, then decide they can't pay for our brave soldiers rehabilitation when they come back all torn apart physically and mentally? Republicans don't want to see honesty in the banking and finance industry.

They proposed to take $100 million from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission budget.

If ever our financial regulatory agencies needed more funding it's now. Every week there is a new major banking or financial investment scandal. Bankers paid themselves $1.6 billion in bonuses with TARP funds. A bonus for failing, with our money?

Look at how hard they are fighting the election of Elizabeth Warren. The one true consumer advocate.

James Oliver Rye

Crystal Falls



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