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Remember those days?

September 28, 2012
The Daily News


Remember the good times? Remember when gas was $2.40 a gallon; remember when the unemployment rate was 4.4 percent; remember when your mortgage was secure? Remember this headline, "New York City: The lowest unemployment rate in 30 years?"

Remember those days?

I remember. I remember because I was very distraught on a specific day back then. The day was November 8, 2006, the date that the Democrats won the election and took over control of the congress.

President Bush had led the country for six years. He brought the country out of the recession that he inherited from Bill Clinton; he guided the country after 911 and kept the economy growing despite the devastating attacks and he kept gas and oil prices stable despite Iran and Iraq's shenanigans.

He also kept us safe.

What did Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democrats do since? They passed Obamacare even though they were warned it would keep unemployment high, which it has.

They blocked any type of real energy policy and look what happened, gas over $4 a gallon. They fought President Bush over the war, wanting to cut and run and even declared the "war lost."

Thank God they are inept because now the war is over and the USA has won.

Gas prices increased 72 cents a gal. during Bush's first six years. Under the Democrat's control over the last six years, gas has increased $1.43 a gallon (Double.) This isn't coincidence.

The Democrats want gas prices to rise even higher so that American's drive less and the Democrat Elite can feel good about themselves and their environmental only agenda.

Listen to Obama discussing on MSNBC why high gasoline prices are good:

Here is what the Harry Reid, the leader of the Democrats in the senate said recently, "Oil is making us sick. Coal is making us sick. We need to leave the stuff in the ground. We are making the Earth sick with carbon, and dooming ourselves with 'global warming.'"

No wonder Harry Reid and Barack Obama oppose the Keystone pipeline, drilling off-shore or in ANWR. They oppose drilling at all. They regard the mere use of oil as immoral.

Barack Obama wants to double down on the policies espoused by Democrats and hopes to raise gasoline prices to over $6 a gallon. This will not only bankrupt many middle class families but also this great country of ours.

You decide which party is looking out for us.

Gary Merrill

Florence, Wis.



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