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Employees know best

October 1, 2012
The Daily News


Kingsford councilman Brian Smeester recently had a letter to the editor printed in which he said "The latest issue that the unions have taken a stand over is against forming a Public Safety Authority, uniting Kingsford Public Safety and Iron Mountain Police and Fire Departments into one entity. The union will say anything to stop this from happening. They will scare you, stretch figures, whatever it will take - to keep the people from voting in their own best interests."

Mr. Smeester, I find it outrageous that you would say this at this time.

The employees of both cities have not yet been invited to participate in the discussions on this matter, and now that the two city councils are finally suggesting that it's time to get their input, you choose to discredit them in the public eye before they even get to speak?

You just told the people who elected you to discount anything they hear from the employees. And then at the end of your letter, you had the gall to say "I respect my fellow councilmen and the employees of the city of Kingsford."

No you don't. If you did, you wouldn't tell the public to expect them to lie.

I remember the anti-union stance with which you came into this job. I hope the public does, too.

I know there are a lot of people out there who believe that unions are crooked, and self-serving, and only out for themselves.

I heard from them all through the Chicago teachers' strike, bad-mouthing those greedy teachers.

But do you know what? Every student in Chicago will now have their required textbooks on day one of class.

And do you know why? That greedy, self-serving teachers' union demanded it, and struck to get it. Should it be the responsibility of the teachers to force the school districts to provide such a basic necessity?

Absolutely not. But in the real world, it is very often the employees, not the employer, who is making sure that the public gets what they need and deserve.

Sometimes the union employees know best. Just ask the Packers.

Doug Johnson

Iron Mountain

W.B. Thompson

Co. Inc.



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