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Kulas leads Kingsford

Cross country victory gives Flivvers team win

October 3, 2012
The Daily News


For The Daily News

CHAMPION - Kingsford behind individual winner Dan Kulas, captured the boys crown at the Westwood Challenge cross country meet held at Wawonowin Country Club Tuesday afternoon.

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Matt Keiser/Mining Journal Photo
Kingsford’s Daniel Kulas finishes first for the boys during the Westwood Challenge at the Wawonowin Country Club on Tuesday.

The competition featured a multiple start, where the top runners of all the teams entered start first, then the No. 2 runners go after five minutes, and so on.

Kingsford (13 points) was followed by Houghton (18) and Marquette.

Kulas, a student at Iron Mountain, posted a time of 16:42 on the 3.1 mile course to easily outdistance the field. Jacob Colling of Houghton finished second with a 17:02, while Lance Rambo of Marquette came in third at 17:11.

"I took a lead about one mile into the race and pulled away in the second mile," Kulas said. "I finished about six seconds off my personal best (time).

"The first two miles, I just wanted to open a gap between me and the Houghton kid (Colling). The third mile, I just wanted to finish strong."

Kingsford coach Dan Carey said Kulas has been "supper consistent" all season.

"He looked like he was jogging out there today," the coach said. "He's a workhorse and trains hard every day.

"if you would look at his (practice) running log, I bet he hasn't missed a day all year."

The Flivvers posted either a first or second place finish in six of the seven races.

"It just shows you need all seven runners to be competitive. " Carey said. "We're pretty consistent and it's nice to get a win."

Marquette freshman Lindsey Rudden of Marquette captured the girls' individual title. Rudden, who has won every race she has entered this season, finished in 18:38.

Houghton took the girls' team title with 14 points, with MSHS second at 16 and Dollar Bay third at 23.


1. Kingsford, 13; 2. Houghton, 18; 3. Marquette, 19; 4. Negaunee, 29; 5. Gwinn, 29; 6. Norway, 44; 7. Dollar Bay, 47; 8. Ishpeming, 59; 9. North Star, 66; 10. Westwood, 66.

Medalists (by flight)

1. Dan Kulas (K), 16:42; Jacob Colling (H), 17:02; Lance Rambo (M), 17:11; Keenan Gantz (NEG), 17:19; Matt Moilanen (G) 17:48.

2. David Jazsczak (H), 17:24; Nate Carey (K), 17:42; Evan Fezatt (NEG), 17:53; Alex Wyble (M), 18:15; Derek Reitz (G), 18:36

3. Josh Johnson (K), 18:15; Grant Johnson (NEG), 18:22; Alex Redlon (G), 18:38; 4. Eddie Brauer (M), 18:39; Isaac Stone (H), 18:53

4. Nick Tuma (M), 18:30; Dillon Lawton (K), 18:37; Storm Juntti (NEG), 18:46; Alex Anderson (G), 18:48; Jacob Wetsel (NOR), 18:51

5. Leighton Locke (M), 18:25; Colin Campbell (H), 18:25; Keaton Parent (K), 19:13; Dallas St. Arnaud (G), 19:34; Joe Uren (NEG), 19:48

6. Dan Wood (H), 18:41; Keith Holmes (K), 18:50; Noah Heichel (M), 19:55; Will Valentia (G), 22:01; Alex Dobbs (NEG), 22:51

7. Jim Woodford (H), 18:54; Jorge Sanchel (K), 20:07; Trevor Slinkard (M), 20:13; Aapo Hakkener (G), 21:24; Reese Nye (DB), 22:46.


1. Houghton, 14; 2. Marquette, 16; 3. Dollar Bay, 23; 4. Negaunee, 28; 5. Kingsford, 32; 6. Gwinn, 43; 7. Westwood, 45; 8, Norway, 46; 9. North Star, 55

Medalists (by flight)

1. Lindsey Rudden (M), 18:38; Ashley Laux (H), 20:57; Wyleen Kniola (NEG), 21;30; Alexis Kallenbach (NOR), 21:49; Carli Daavettile (DB), 22:00

2. Clara Churchill (NEG), 22:12; Julia Daavettile (DB), 22:38; Marika Abbott (H), 22:51; Annie Bjork (WW), 23:16; Molly Malone (K), 24:37

3. Nichole Mackey (M), 21:24; Jessica Schliff (H), 21:47; Erica LeClair (DB), 22:31; Hannah Allen (K), 24:29; Dani Anderson (NEG), 25:31

4. Abby Potts (M), 21:03; Kelsie Richards (H), 22:10; Maddie Sharkey (K) 23:00; Cami Daavettile (DB), 23:03; Kayla Winkler (G), 26:38

5. Shayla Huebner (M), 21:02; Carly Bulleit (H), 22:30; Taylor Busses (DB), 23:08; Kyra Niemi (NEG), 26:23; Heidi Stenvig (K), 26:37

6. Rachel Chard (H), 21:55; Paulina Puskala (M), 22:28; Xena Cortex (DB), 24:15; Samantha Champion (NEG), 27:17; Danielle McConnell (K), 30:05

7, Cassidy Thomas (M), 21:56; Sarah Lyle (H), 23:24; Megan Kangas (DB), 25:22



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