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Judging wrong end of the leash

October 3, 2012
The Daily News


What really happened 25 years ago to prompt the pit bull ban of Kingsford?

After extensive research in the Dickinson County Library I found the posting of what really happened 25 years ago ... nothing.

The council hastily put together an ordinance in less than two weeks banning pit bull dogs from Kingsford.

It appears that on the 20th of April 1987 a delegation of concerned citizens reported that an address near the Garden Village School allegedly had a pit bull and that dog had shown some signs of aggression. So the council on May 5, two weeks later, passed the pit bull ban.

According to the news article there was little or no discussion or input from the community.

While I commend the council for its forethought, this was a situation that should have been handled easily by the Kingsford police force. No ordinance was necessary!

Bessemer also had an ordinance, which has since been rescinded. Breitung Township was also considering an ordinance but thought better of it. Citing the cost factor of an unenforceable ordinance.

At the time, news media had created a hysteria over the dog breed ignoring the fact that the problem was not with the breed but with the owners. Like today, they continue to judge the wrong end of the leash.

Check out my facebook site to read the full news article of May 5, 1987.

Mark Wiederrecht




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