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Truth will set us free

October 8, 2012
The Daily News


Do you want peace of mind?

Barack Obama is the best thing that has happened to our country. Do I have your attention? Follow along and see if I'm on the right track.

Barack Obama is (pro-abortion/pro-choice) and he has sided with Margaret Sanger promoting abortion as a right for a woman to kill the child she is carrying.

I have read about Margaret Sanger and she wanted the abortion mills placed in the ghettos so that those in the ghetto would not over-populate the country.

Did God put Barack Obama in office? God uses pro-abortion people to wake up pro-life people.

We have allowed God to be taken out of our schools, government and our military. We have allowed evil to replace good and have called it freedom of speech.

Read the book of Habakkuk in the Bible. Habakkuk is a minor prophet distressed over all the happenings in his country and he is complaining to God.

God then says to Habakkuk, are you done complaining? God then says: "I'm raising up a chastening rod, (Chaldea/Obama) which will be the avenging instrument in my hand."

The next election will have a more informed electorate and truth will set us free. Don't worry, God's in charge.

Gary Proudfit

Iron Mountain



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