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On his watch

October 10, 2012
The Daily News


On his watch, what has President Obama accomplished?

On is watch we have seen more Americans having to do with less. Since Obama took office in 2009 median household incomes have decreased 8.2 percent.

On his watch the number of people receiving food stamps has risen to 46.7 million, while in 2006 that number was 26 million. Americans have become more dependent upon government.

On his watch unemployment has remained above 8.1 percent for 43 months running.

On his watch of 716 days in office the national debt has risen more than $6 trillion to $16 trillion. In 2,922 days of the Bush presidency it only rose a total of $5 trillion.

On his watch the national debt has risen more in Obama's four years than in the previous three president's terms totaling 20 years.

On his watch Obama campaigned for re-election in Las Vegas, snubbing yet another intelligence briefing hot on the heels of the deadly attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya.

On his watch he has repeatedly snubbed meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On 9/11, our president snubbed a requested meeting by Netanyahu, accepted an invitation from the more important David Letterman and apologized to Islamists upset over a film that mocks Islam and Mohammed.

On his watch the consulate in Bengazi, Libya, was attacked by terrorists. Obama denied it was terrorist related for two weeks. We now know he knew it was.

On his watch the White House has forced upon us Obamacare which 68 percent of Americans are against. How's that for a democracy?

On his watch the Democrat run Senate has failed to present a budget for three years.

On his watch we have witnessed, Solyndra, Fast & Furious, the Secret Service prostitution mess, and the General Services Administration mess.

On his watch, gas prices have risen more than 103 percent. A gallon of gas was $1.95 in January of 2009. Today the average pump price is $3.87, down from a high in August.

On his watch, according to the Washington Post Fact Checker, Obama has proven to be a habitual liar time and time again.

One could go on and on. Check the facts. It's all available in black and white. But all too many people have the audacity to say President Obama deserves a second term, the audacity to say that we are better off today than 4 years ago. Prove it.

Pete Erickson

Iron Mountain



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