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Evil is evil

October 10, 2012
The Daily News


Freedom, like those we love, is precious by virtue of its irreplaceability once lost. Some will not be allowed to read this because certain editors, as in not-so-distant German days, fear reprisal. The reasons will be the same, like identical echoes of that dark era.

Eerily similar to that horrendous epoch and its shocking brutality against innocents, sanctioned by a leader cleverly hiding his calloused heart, is the action of Barack Hussein Obama - differing by degree, but substantively the same.

What? How dare he insinuate any similarity between Obama and Hitler? But I do. Evil is evil. Restraint imposed by our society's remaining principles can't be credited to an individual who, free from such fetters, would act quite differently.

I call to your attention to Mr. Obama's cold-hearted opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) when he was a senator in the Illinois Senate. The word limits on this letter to the editor preclude me from detailing his actual words (he actually took to the floor to speak against the bill - the only Senator to do so), his documented efforts as Committee Chair to defeat the bill, and his outright, provable lies about it later. Suffice it to say that, solely because of Obama, a plainly-worded bill that would have done nothing more than keep alive a baby that had survived a late-term abortionist's attempt to kill it in the womb, was defeated.

Such babies were left to die and the bill would have put an end to that outrageous practice.

I was sickened and frightened after researching it. I imagined a baby - alive against all expectations, and struggling against all odds - squirming on the table, and then carried off to die. My thoughts then turned to Obama. What political concerns, what personal ambition, what rigid ideology would drive him to do and say what he did?

Could some childhood trauma, as with Hitler, produce a psyche incapable of evaluating obvious wrong, regardless of rationalization?

Can anyone be so consumed by dogma that he is blind to basic human decency?

Do your own research. The Germans were fooled by powerful, skillfully-delivered speeches and animated oratory. Ultimately, however, the real man stepped out from behind the mask.

Regardless of your political bent, or your support for various issues (including abortion), you need to accept the notion that Obama is not who he pretends to be.

Can you, in good conscience, vote for such a man?

Stanley Thomas

Iron River



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