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Some very difficult decisions

October 12, 2012
The Daily News


The 2012 election is coming down to the wire.

We're all entitled to our own opinions and freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. However, used negatively it can cause much grief whether it is on a personal or public level.

Lately we have seen many negative ads used to vilify opposing candidates. I'm sure you, like me, are pretty sick of the name calling, mud-slinging and downright lies.

Americans aren't as dumb as our politicians would like to think we are. If that were true we'd have lost our beloved country long ago. But, it's time we begin to delve into what is important to us. Is it our allegiance to a certain political party whether it merits our vote or not?

Is it our faith in God that made us such a great country? Is it the welfare of our children and grandchildren? Is it the loss of jobs and uncertain future of regaining them?

We now must make some very difficult decisions as to which path we want our country to take.

You might want it to follow the road of least resistance; continue as we have for the past four years.

I'm no mind reader but I shudder to think what lies ahead. Yes, I know there are no guarantees in this life but we can give our country a much needed boost by thinking through each candidate's platform and policies. All I and probably every one of you want is what's best for our country as a whole and our citizens individually.

I'm not going to point any fingers and stoop to name calling. What I am going to do is ask, no plead, with you to please, please vote with your mind and not your heart.

Those of you who know me are aware that I am a Christian conservative.

I have good friends who lean very much to the left but that doesn't mean they aren't great people. Diversity is what has made our country such a wonderful place to live.

We have the freedom to be diversified without retaliation. We must look at this election as possibly our last opportunity to voice our opinion that we want America to stay as the America we know and have loved.

If you truly believe that Obama and other state/local candidates are the best without using your past party affiliation as the primary reason, then go ahead and vote for them.

I, on the other hand, believe Mitt Romney and Dr. Dan Benishek are our best options. After researching their policies and beliefs, I truly think they will lead us in the right direction.

I grew up in a Democratic home. I followed my parents and voted for Democrats in the past. I used to tell Rep. Jack Gingrass he was the last "true Democrat" and I loved that man dearly.

It's up to you to make up your own mind but please remember after the 2012 election, "What happens in American doesn't stay in America."

The repercussions will reverberate globally with results that may be devastating.

Diane L. Schabo

Iron Mountain



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