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Far, far worse than Bush

October 12, 2012
The Daily News


Obama is the best talker the I have ever heard. He can run down anyone so clever that it's just uncanny.

Why did Obama bring in over a million people from Mexico without the consent of congress and then issue them work permits? It was not because our own USA work force was not available.

It was not because he cared that it was going to cost us middle class taxpayers billions upon billions and put us farther in debt.

It was to win a few south and western states in the coming election.

He is far, far worse than Bush who I thought did a poor job for us.

He has done (nothing) to help our economy and work force. At least Romney knows business and that will help put us back to work.

In two years, we can elect a congress to do our wishes and continue our climb.

Let me say this, if Obama is elected we will see a worst depression than we had with Hover.

Yes, I knew those 1930s. I saw what a depression can be. I was a young man and knew what it meant for your father not to have a job.

Leo Fende




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