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No news is not good

October 12, 2012
The Daily News


A little over a year ago I was upset about incidents that had been happening in the cities of Iron River, Caspian and Gaastra involving break-ins to homes, businesses and camps in the area.

I attempted to write letters to the editors of the local newspapers and radio station of the community and was able to have it published in the Iron Mountain News. The other resources said they were not allowed to do that because the situation was under investigation and could not violate the police rules covering the investigations.

As it happened, after I got the letter published, the persons involved in the crimes were caught and reported but since then there were a number of breakings around last Christmas that occurred and no reports were made of those happenings nor to my knowledge were the individuals caught.

There was also a body found in Caspian that was not reported on the news and I have since learned that was buried in another city and I think was considered an accidental death but local and unreported.

Just the other day I had heard of another body being found and have not seen any report of this death and also learned of several break-ins in Caspian that were not reported on the news sources of the area.

As before, I feel that this information should be given to the people as news so we could be aware of what is happening in the area and safeguard our property and be aware of any other situations happening here.

From what I heard, one of the break-ins was a business in Caspian and the other involved a house/garage where tools were taken.

I will be sending this letter via email to the Iron River Reporter, the Iron Mountain News and the local radio station where I hope it will be reported to the people of the area for their information.

I feel in this case, no news is not good news and information will resolve the problems and not alow them to just go unnoticed.

Jerome Waldron

Iron River



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