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Doesn’t like me very much

October 15, 2012
The Daily News


President Obama doesn't like me very much.

I have worked my entire adult life. I have paid taxes. I have purchased homes within my means and then only after saving for a down-payment. My modest home has been paid for, for four years.

I have always had private health insurance, always paid my own premiums, too. As a single mom, I worked full-time and had no need for state assistance. My family taught me all about consequences and responsibility.

I grew up watching them struggle and succeed. I was instilled with a sense of pride for hard work done well. So, why does the president dislike me? I think it's because I don't need him. At all.

Well, I do need him to get out of my way. I'm tired of paying more for less and I'm tired of getting less for more.

As "politically incorrect" as some seem to think Mitt Romney's remarks were, regarding that infamous 47 percent, there were plenty of us who silently and not so silently cheered.

We knew who he meant. He meant the lady in Ohio who bragged on camera about her free Obama cell phone. He meant the young law student from Georgetown who expects free birth control. And, then that failing, she wants us to pay for her to terminate the pregnancy.

I have always paid for my own birth-control. Even in college, we had a co-pay of $5 which we happily and discreetly paid.

You play, you pay.

He meant those who claim disability but are seen on their 4-wheelers and snow-mobiles by their neighbors who are on their way to work. We are also sensible enough to know who Governor Romney didn't mean. I have no doubt that a President Romney would not throw the grandmas and the veterans out in the street.

And what reasonably thinking person would want that to happen anyway? A truly disabled person, like my own brother and father, deserves our respect and our pledge of support. Compassion and a sense of service will not go away under a President Romney.

Those of you who were raised as I was who support President Obama and detest Governor Romney do confuse me.

You've worked as hard as I have, do you really want to have more of your money taken from you to support the increasing number of entitlements?

I saw a bumper sticker that reads "Jesus was a liberal." But, "God helps those who help themselves."

Those of you who are devout Catholics and support President Obama's pro-choice, free birth-control policies confuse me. A nice Catholic Democrat explained to me that that's separation of church and state.

And, what of the act of government forcing Catholic institutions to look past their stead-fast beliefs and offer free "reproductive" health care?

Here is where the true meaning of separation of church and state applies and seems to be ignored. You can't really begrudge Governor Romney his fund-raising events, can you?

Yet, totally ignore the fact that you weren't invited to Beyonce and Jay-Z's party or to any of the many, many fund-raisers held by Hollywood.

Maybe you saw Madonna's or Samuel L. Jackson's oh-so-eloquent endorsements of President Obama and their words spoke to you.

I know that I would rather align myself with successful people who are smart and work hard instead of those who can sing and act.

Aren't you guys starting to see through the spin? Don't the events in Benghaza and throughout the Middle East frighten you?

Aren't you skeptical of the White House responses? Aren't you wondering who's minding the store while our president campaigns viciously for a second term?

Doesn't his performance at and in the first debate make you a little sick to your stomachs?

If you choose to respond, I hope it's in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

Please don't personally bash Governor Romney or call him a liar. I didn't call President Obama a Muslim, communist, socialist or bad dad.

I didn't call him arrogant or clueless. I didn't even bring up Michelle.

Leave President Bush out of this fight.

But, tell me how much better off you are than you were four years ago. Tell me why you don't care about the debt we'll be leaving our children and grandchildren.

Tell me why our country doesn't deserve to be the greatest on earth. And why I don't deserve to live there.

Sharon Jarvis

Iron Mountain

P.S. Keep up the good letters my conservative friends. I have barely scratched the surface.



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