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And either laugh or cry

October 16, 2012
The Daily News


Have you ever been just about anywhere during your lifetime and have murmured to yourself or even out loud "I would never do that?"

Well, I have and so I've written down some of them. Since I've written these down, every day I could easily think of more, but space is limited. So here goes.

I would never cut my hair that short - wear that flashy shirt - eat that bowl that looks filled with little fishy eyes they call tapioca - I could never drive a 40-passenger bus - never could I speak in front of a gathering - shoot four-foot long snakes - climb up so high on a ladder - ride on that super-high roller coaster - never wear that style of shoes - me, wear those reflecting fancy tennis shoes - why would I want a skunk for a pet - I never eat puffed wheat - never would I have an indoor cat - I never watch sports on TV - you'll never see me eating frog legs - never would I paint my fingers or toe nails with any of those sparkling colors - I would never pick those ripe blackberries if I knew snakes were close by - me climb up those steep steps on Pine Mountain Scaffold, never.

There must be some quirk in my nature but I've come to appreciate that word never and some of the more serious changes it has made in my life, but we all seem to remember those younger and happier times when we could say never and never think of it again.

Maybe you'll remember some of your own instances that are similar to mine and choose to forget others. In your spare time write some down and either laugh or cry.

Muriel Beaulier

Iron Mountain



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