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I totally disagree

October 16, 2012
The Daily News


There are two proposals that are profusely out of alignment for this day and age. These amendments to the Michigan Constitution are going to be costly to Medicare and the enrollees.

Proposal 12-2 states;

A proposal to amend the state constitution regarding collective bargaining.

Proposal 12-4 States;

A proposal to amend the state constitution to establish the Michigan Quality Home Care Council and provide collective bargaining for in-home care workers.

The consequence of this proposal will be total enslavement through government control programs. Case in point (ObamaCare).

In addition to the added cost, Medicare or the patient are going to necessitate the cost of such nonsense and service by an increased monthly premium or by adding it to the 20 percent that Medicare does not pay. Someone or somebody is going to have to foot the bill on this.

Unions in all part of the United States are in a great hurt, they are only 3-5 percent of the total work force as compared to 30 percent back in the 50's and 60's.

Obama and his masterminds in Washington are currently trying to recoup the losses by gaining favor with the unions and when he is done with them he will discard the union as an evil necessity to further his agenda.

The end result is to totally destroy the democratic republic into a socialist collective bargaining unit.

Ladies and gentlemen: this is what proposal 12-2 and 12-4 are inherently about.

It is about unionizing public, private and in-home health care workers and I totally disagree with these proposals.

This movement is echoing voices from union members that say "You owe us a living." This already includes our federal, state, teachers unions, county employees unions. community colleges, universities, police, fire department,

Civil employees, Postal Workers you name it, the names are endless all in the name of unionism.

This is a classic example of unions gone wild. They are now in the driver's seat demanding to the tax payers what they want, while the rest of us are in a strangle hold with union anxiety.

Such demands are forcing major companies like GM, Ford. And others too numerous to mention to do business outside of America because of what union demands have entailed to do business in this country.

Not all union demands are the result of companies moving out of America. Many corporations can share the culpability in terms of government rules and regulations, poor management decisions and greed on a corporate level. I have also seen in the corporate world that many on the top of the pyramid like to enslave those on the bottom.

It is the responsibility of the employer to take care of its employees, to make sure that they can live above the poverty level especially if that company is a stock holder entity. Employees should expect to receive a fair living and benefits that are reasonable.

Today's union is now a political action group, using union dues to gain power in a political protocol that only benefits them, the end result is supplementary, and America is going into a collective, socialist, and communalist nation.

The attitudes of most unions are continuing to be a squashing reminder of their political correctness that only serves the needs of its organization and the Democratic Party; to heck with the people we have to step on to get our way.

That idealist thinking has to stop if we are to retain the free spirit of the capitalist dream.

For the record I'm a Democratic, or was one. Vote no proposal 12-2 and 12-4 this Nov. 6, 2012.

Karl Weber




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