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Should be impeached

October 16, 2012
The Daily News


I just read the article in the paper "Playing king of the hill."

The last sentence almost made me vomit, "we need a president we can trust."

Are you kidding me, trust Obama? The author must be watching to many soap operas on TV.

I will say this one more time before the election. Please go to the library and get the two books that Obama wrote and read them, very carefully.

Our president's father was from Kenya, in Africa if you are uniformed. He was a Muslim and he hated white America. He also hated Capitalism, which runs our country.

He also hated the British for Colonializing South Africa and white British ruling over blacks there. Now, it was wrong for our "Bible believing southern gents" to go to Africa and bring back black slaves that they used to get rich off of.

And it was wrong for the British to do the same in South Africa. I do not blame black Americans or black South Africans for their anger, they were treated very wrong. But as of today this is a different world, and a better one, but still not perfect.

Please, trust Obama, the biggest liar America has ever seen as a president?

You have to be deceived to believe he is trustworthy for anything. Our biggest concern right now is not the economy, not jobs, it is national security.

This Obama wants to bring down America. He had to be careful what he did in his first term, because he needed to be re-elected to do what he really wants to do.

Just like the Russian President, and what Obama told him, "wait for my second term, I will have more flexibility to do what I want then."

To do what? Does that not trouble you about what he wants to do?

This election is for the very existence of our great country, wake up before it is too late, Democrats. Obama is all for a one world government called the "New World Order."

He is for entitlements for everyone so he can bankrupt this country with unbelievable debt. He wants to cut military funding, to weaken our status in the world. He is for Muslims, read his book, in it he said if "push come to shove, he will side with the Muslims."

Read it, or are you scared to read the truth? If he can bankrupt this country I will tell you what will happen. The EU, European Union, will bail us out, but they will say, you are no longer America, no more sovereignty as nation, we must join the EU, use their currency, and fall under their rule. This is what the New World Order is all about, a one world ruling power.

Oh, by the way, that is what the Bible says, you do read that I hope.

Most do not, so they do not know it is to happen. The Bible also says that besides a one world government, we will have a one world religious system.

Now that really should scare the life out of you.

In case you do not know it, our own money, a dollar bill has on it, New World Order in Latin, surprise, surprise.

What a mess the Obama administration has made of the mess in Libya.

And our president and Hillary Clinton are both lying about what really happened there.

Twice our security was cut there before the raid. Our ambassador asked for more security and they, the White House, refused them. Then there is a cover up about all what happened, and we are to "trust Obama."

To say trust Obama is un-American, and Obama should be impeached and Hillary Clinton should be removed from her job as a disgrace to America.

Obama is weakening America and our enemies know it and are taking advantage of it, and look out for Iran and the Muslim world.

They are on the march to overtake America from within by having more and more Muslims come to this country. They say they are "peaceful," but why do they not protest the Muslim extremists and their violence, because they approve of it secretly.

The bottom line is if you are a patriotic American you must vote this Obama out of office before we no longer have a country.

Watch what happens from now to election day with the Libya mess, you will see what a liar Obama's White House is.

Also, why does the liberal press give him so much protection for criticism?

This is all a coverup to make sure Obama gets back in office for his final four years of the destruction of America.

Allan Peterson




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