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Is costing us billions

October 17, 2012
The Daily News


The year of America is the middle class. They are the makers of our products and the purchasers of them. What has Obama done for the middle class? Nothing, but he has imported a million foreign workers and given them work permits, at a time when our work force is desperately looking for work.

Yes, he did this by bypassing congress. Why did he do this? I'll tell you why. It will help him get elected in a few states.

The sad part of this is it hurts our own American workforce and is costing us billions upon billions of dollars. Obama first does what will help Obama get elected regardless how much it hurts middle class workers. I'm not claiming Romney has no faults but he did start out as a common American and not a millionaire. He knows industry and will get us back working again.

I did not mean to add this but Obama's foreign policy has the Mideast in shambles.

The EPA is almost as bad as Obama when it comes to common sense in helping our middle class with jobs.

Locally they are increasing our power costs by $10, couple hundred jobs lost, and increasing global warming by shutting down the coal fired generators in Marquette.

The people that purchase the generators do not take the pollution control equipment thus adding to global warming.

If there were complaints with area pollution with the coal burning furnaces I would not be writing this letter but the EPA should be realistic not idealistic. Coal is one of our major resources and we should be taking advantage of it. Their attitude is costing us thousands of jobs, billions in tax revenue and global warming.

I wish Obama would do something to help us middle class find a job instead of criticizing Romney for being rich.

At least he got rich through successful use of manufacturing facilities, which also gives the middle class jobs, which also gives unions a better chance to demand more money.

I do have a suggestion for Obama that would help all the people paying into Social Security. Have no top limit on income for those who pay in the Social Security fund. This would provide more money than we need.

In fact, it would probably lower the required rate you pay in.

Leo Fende




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