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Generous act of kindness

October 19, 2012
The Daily News


"So shines a good deed in a weary world." - William Shakespeare.

At a time when positive news stories seem hard to come by, when most of what we find in our nightly paper is partisan bickering and letters of complaint, please allow me to share something wonderful that happened recently.

We have a man in our community, Mr. Ron Hoskins, who deserves to be recognized for the kindness he recently extended to my family.

This past weekend, Mr. Hoskins found three college freshmen, on a quick trip home to the U.P. from downstate colleges, on the side of the road about four miles below the bridge.

The girls, one of whom was going home to spend her birthday with her family, had run out of gas. Not sure of how to handle the situation, the girls called 911 for assistance; in turn, dispatch arranged for a wrecker to tow their vehicle to the nearest gas station.

The girls had been waiting on the side of the road, in the dark, for an hour when an older gentleman in a truck pulled up and inquired if they needed assistance.

Imagine the girls' surprise when they explained to this man they were just trying to get home to Iron Mountain and he responded, "I'm from Iron Mountain, too."

Mr. Hoskins not only arranged to cancel the tow truck that responded shortly after (which my daughter said would have cost them $140) but he then bought a gas can, brought the girls enough gas to get them to the nearest station, escorted them there and then saw them on their way.

Imagine how they felt when, upon approaching the toll booth after crossing the bridge, they were told, "The man in front of you paid your toll and said 'Happy Birthday.'"

My daughter said Mr. Hoskins mentioned that he himself had a family and would hope that someday, if they were in need of help, someone would take the time to help them.

Ron Hoskins performed a very generous act of kindness towards our girls. My daughter later said this was the nicest thing she has ever witnessed, and the girls were so appreciative of what you did for them.

Your example of selfless service will surely cause them someday, some way to "pay it forward."

They will undoubtedly remember you when they do so.

Celeste Malone

Iron Mountain



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