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Reflects your opinions

October 20, 2012
The Daily News


Are you a useful idiot? Wikipedia tells us that a useful idiot is one who is will unwittingly support a malignant cause which they naively believe to be a force for good.

It really isn't anyone else's business if you are one or not, but this is a question you might want to ask and answer for yourself before you go into the voting booth and vote for someone you don't really want.

There are some questions you can ask yourself as you search for the truth. Are you easily led? Do you accept the sound bites you see on TV without question? Do you envy anyone? Do you think of yourself as a victim? Do you believe that whoever is rich got their riches by cheating others? Do you believe that the Republican Party is the party of the rich?

Do you believe that bombastic oratory while reading a teleprompter is a good substitute for executive experience and leadership? Do you get most of your news from the mainstream media? Do you believe that the federal government is the solution to your problems?

Have you ever allowed yourself to be manipulated in such a way that you participated in mob action and perhaps even vandalized public property, like the Wisconsin State Capitol?

There are other questions you might want to ask yourself but the ones above will give you some ideas.

Your affirmative answer to any or all of the above cannot deliver a positive diagnosis that you are a useful idiot, but it does suggest that you might want to carefully evaluate your thinking in order to make sure that the vote you cast reflects your opinions and not the wishes of those who would who would manipulate you into doing their will.

Burl Ostrander

Crystal Falls



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