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Whole list of questions

October 22, 2012
The Daily News


I've seen the Republicans try to pull some whoppers in my day but this has to be the biggest yet. I got a Republican flier in the mail this morning.

In big letters it said "When someone commits a crime, they should be punished."

Well, well, how come there are no bankers in jail? Didn't the biggest heist in history on the American taxpayer occur under the design of Hank Paulson and Bush?

I don't hear any Republicans striving to right that situation.

You see the idea was if the government provides loans to the banks at very low interest, they can make more money available to American industry at low rates and help get the economy moving.

I'll use some numbers here strictly for illustration. the government loans money to the banks at very low rates, let's say 1/2 percent with the thought the banks would loan it out at 2 1/2 percent or so, then more money would be available for industry to grow and jobs would result. What did the bankers do? They bought treasury notes at let's say 3 percent cause it's near risk free and that money didn't get out into the markets or industry.

The Republicans are scared to death that their taxes might be raised back to the amount they had agreed to in 2012. In other words the 25 percent rate was temporary and would revert back to 35 percent.

Well, they went back on their word. When it came time to extend unemployment benefits for the needy families the Republicans refused to pass that unless the tax rate increase was repealed.

They didn't care that millions of families might starve or go into poverty. Look back at history folks. The rich did very well when the rates were over 80 percent on the rich. They did very well when they were 60 percent, and 45 percent. They didn't starve. In order to salve their conscience they say "there are jobs, people just don't want to work" or "people are lazy."

Everyone of my Republican friends parrots those phrases. Doesn't occur to them that some people are not able to do certain types of work or that the pay won't get them to a point where they can claim they are "gainfully" employed.

People must be able to save enough for future needs and minimum wages doesn't even cover current needs and auto expenses, and baby sitters. The rich don't work for free.

I was dumbfounded when I found what the starting salary was at major banks for college grads from blue blood colleges in their first year.

You know, the colleges where only rich daddy's can afford to send their kids.

Let's see a presidential candidate call for reinstatement of the Glass-Steagal act. Would go a long ways towards getting America back on course.

Maybe they will find that they can pay for the wars they started instead of trying to take $290 million from the VA, or money like $2 billion from clean water programs, or $250 million from Great Lakes Restoration efforts, or $350 million from border security efforts like they did with HR#1.

Then the Republicans are questioning Obama's administration in its strategy in the Libya affair. I've got a whole list of questions about Cheny's role in 9/11.

James Oliver Rye

Crystal Falls



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