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There are many more

October 25, 2012
The Daily News


Mr. President, you think all Americans are stupid and will follow you to the polls.

Well sorry Pres, this old bird is not stupid and if you think confusing the screw-up is your ingenious plan that you invented, you are very mistaken.

I have seen at least three other presidents try the same cover-up.

The plan is when you screw up, "muddy the waters" so bad that stupidity will believe anything you say, and spin your contradictions.

I read your book and know your audacity. I will tell you only four that you and Biden are smirking over, which are no laughing matter. There are many more but these are screaming at me.

1. Obama Care.

2. Fast and Furious.

3. The Bin-Laden death.

4. The murder of an ambassador, two Navy Seals, and an American citizen.

Al-qaeda is not "running on your watch" one bit.

Lee Ann Goodman




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