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This may be our last chance

October 29, 2012
The Daily News


We are facing a crucial election to decide the future of our country. We must examine the record of the last 4 years and decide if we want more of the same.

We have a president who ignores our Constitution and rules by fist. Article II, Section 2, states, "He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate" to appoint "all other officers of the United States whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for."

President Obama created and appointed many radicals, so-called "czars." He claims presidential prerogative. The Democratic Senate does nothing to challenge this.

He has given millions of tax payer dollars to green energy companies to push his agenda. The latest fiasco is a company, in Michigan, who was supposed to be making batteries for electric automobiles.

He has guaranteed a $2.1 billion loan to a German owned company, The Solar Trust of America. It, too, is having trouble.

President Obama claims to have saved the auto industry. They actually went through a bankruptcy and our government controlled the terms. In reality it was a payoff to the unions while the stock holders lost.

Congress would not pass Obama's cap and trade law because it would be bad for our country. President Obama now has his henchmen in the E.P.A. do it. Haven't you noticed it in your electric bills?

It is only going to get worse.

President Obama submitted a budget that was so irresponsible that it did not get a single vote in both houses of Congress. He does not think $16 trillion in debt is crushing our economy.

He has limited drilling for oil, despite what he says. He is sending millions of dollars to Columbia, Venezuela, and Mexico, so they can create jobs in their countries, by drilling for oil and then sell it to us.

President Obama told Lockheed not to send out layoff notices required by federal law, before the election. He says the government will pay the costs. That's your money, folks.

He promised unity, instead it's, really, divide and conquer. He tells the Russians to wait until after the elections when he will have more flexibility. Chavez and Putin have endorsed him. I fear Iran may, also, try to help him to keep him in office.

He has stated he would like a civilian army. Would this be like the Brown Shirts of Germany? President Obama's divisive comments have spawned the Wall Street protesters. We heard James Hoffa's profane comments at a rally where Obama spoke immediately after. Obama said nothing to condemn this rhetoric, so much for his civility speech.

President Obama seems to reject American Exceptionalism and support a world order with the U.N. The U.N. is a collection of countries that do not have our interests and want only our money.

This may be our last chance to save this country.

There is a saying that should resonate with voters: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Robert Triest




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