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To step forward

October 30, 2012
The Daily News


Warning: This article is going to be my strongest yet. If you are strong enough to handle it, I salute you.

If you are not, I still salute you, as I believe in all human beings as individuals.

Let's just say I have a lot in common with the victims of the Penn State scandal and not one thing in common with the perpetrators and leave it at that without going into specifics.

As you may notice, I use the word perpetrators as in plural form. I honestly believe the perpetrator who committed the heinous acts could not control himself because of psychological/mental illness.

You have to be ill to continue to harm and possibly destroy the innocent as he did.

However the administrators, coaches, and possibly family members that allowed it to continue are as much to blame, if not more, than Sandusky himself.

Society is infamous for turning the other cheek and keeping a blind eye to problems such as those that occurred only because of the discomfort it causes by having the courage it takes to step forward and resolve problems that decimate and destroy individuals and lower society as a whole to a substandard level.

I have heard many times so-called professionals use the excuse that "it is human nature to do this" and pretend a problem does not exist.

If that is the case, then the human being is no better than any other living form that occupies the world in which we all live. I believe we have the capacity to be better.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain



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