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A new beginning

November 7, 2012
The Daily News


There is hope. History shows that God transforms lives and brings many God-fearing pastors to the pulpits to lead and bring strong leadership to the world. It is time to revive and reform the people of America.

Time is of the essence and Jesus Christ is coming soon to take us home to be with him forever.

God is bringing the lost to himself, men such as David Jeremiah, John Hagee, Erwin Lutzer, Jac Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, and many others are teaching the world of the end-time.

Many churches are failing, bringing false hopes to a dying world. Many so-called Christians are enjoying worldly pleasures. Television has erupted into various filthy shows that many people enjoy, shows that lower the character of many so-called Christians. Let me warn you, the secular opinions brought on by our nation's leaders have become so vile and empty and spend so much time focusing on the concerns of this transitory world, and so little time on eternity.

Why is it that so many Americans forget to pray and spend more time in the world doing worldly things instead of getting together with so-called Christians.

Let us serve and indeed bring God to the forefront of our great nation. I have to this day enjoyed our freedom and hope to see a new America. We have found our way that will give us a new life. God will direct our thoughts to become the leader of the world. Let us begin with a new beginning, along with Biblical principles. God will bless America.

Gordon Shewmaker




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