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Politicians just talk

December 5, 2012
The Daily News


The decline of America is accelerating because of faulty leadership. Respect of the current administration by our country's non-political leaders is deteriorating. They have lost confidence in fraud-ridden programs and phony, liberal propaganda.

Savvy business executives like Steve Jobs of Apple, now deceased, and before his death along with over 20 different business leaders met with Obama with negative results. Jobs said he doesn't listen.

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, "the regulatory flood" will soon hit home because bureaucracies don't slow down and new rules will impact health care, financial services and energy among others.

ObamaCare is no sure thing. The administration is heavily dependent on the states for it's implementation.

In January the Republicans will have 30 governorships and they have made it clear that they are highly critical of the health law. Even some Democratic governors have expressed serious concern. At its core ObamaCare is a massive entitlement expansion.

It is expected to bring 30 million more people into the federal government's entitlement rolls. Knowing the harm the ObamaCare law would do to their citizens, to the economy and to American health care governors should refuse to become its enablers.

Productive Americans continue to be fooled by Obama. Expect a second investment downgrade in 2013.

We haven't heard much about green energy lately because it's been a failure, after spending billions of dollars. Obama likes to talk and waste our monies for his fantasies, companies like A123 Systems, BeaconPower, Solyndra, just to mention a few. He called A123 Systems "the birth of an entire new industry in America." The lesson of Obama is the eternal one about the folly of government industrial policy.

Mr. entitlements latest big government reckless deficit spending is the $1.6 billion "Obama phone program." It provides at taxpayer expense full-featured cell phones with free airtime to low-income Americans. Five million people have received free phones in the last year. His arrogant government bureaucracy in Washington is running up the deficit in another fraud-ridden program. This abusive entitlement was supposed to assist the poor in seeking employment and aid in the case of a medical emergency. This was a real plus for Obama at election time. In Cleveland, Ohio, almost every minority got an Obamaphone.

We now know that the big lie about gun running in "fast and furious" was covered up by Eric Holder's Justice Department. The guns were easily moved into Mexico through an Obama government-supervised taxpayer-funded smuggling operation violating numerous U.S. and Mexican laws.

He, so far, is dodging the Benghazi fiasco with the aid of the liberal media who is keeping quiet. Honesty is not this administration's strong suit.

The United States of America is not really united. Politicians just talk and accomplish nothing for the good of America. Obama believes government is the engine of economic prosperity. He doesn't get it - government policies and regulation can sabotage our growth.

George Zaio

Iron Mountain



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