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How do unions look?

December 12, 2012
The Daily News


I have been hearing a lot lately about the "right to work."

I have also heard a lot about the "fat cat union bosses."

I hear further from folks who are very obviously anti-union. What I do not see is people acting as though union gains are bad or acting as though unions never should have been.

Let me explain. If you are truly anti-union and you are a laborer, then you want to first tell your boss that you want to work seven days a week. Union gain, you know.

You also are against the eight hour work day and especially against overtime pay for more than eight hours in one day. Union gain, you know.

You are against vacation, paid or otherwise, do not want sick days, and especially do not want holidays off with or without pay.

You do not believe you should ever have a say in your wage, your hours per day or per week or in your job description.

You are for being terminated instantly and for no reason.

This covers also, your personal inability to work the hours required or being able to do the job required.

You also do not want safety equipment of any type.

You do want manual labor in any case where that is possible. Machinery costs your employer money, and the money should for the most part remain with the employer.

These are all union gains, but you should be getting the point by now.

If you are not working under these conditions and if you are indeed enjoying benefits and wages that were attributable to unions, you are somewhat of a hypocrite, don't you think?

For examples of all of this, go on line or to a library and read about work in America in the 1800s before there were unions.

Now before I close, I will say one thing about "fat union bosses," and that is to ignore them for a moment.

Instead, contact your Senator (you have two) or your Congressional Representative, (you have one) and ask them how their financial situation has changed since they have been in Congress.

If they are reluctant to say, remember that that information is in the public domain.

I am not saying that there are no union bosses with a large income, or that none of them are crooked.

Nothing is perfect.

But once you have worked a couple of years, 16 or more hours a day, seven days a week at terrible manual labor with no safety equipment and earning minimum pay (not to be confused with minimum wages), stop and think a moment.

How does your life look now? Maybe more importantly, how do unions look now?

Donald A. Lison

Florence, Wis.



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