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One purpose in mind

December 17, 2012
The Daily News


High praise and kudos to Sen. Casperson and Rep. McBroom, who defied their downstate party bosses and voted for their constituents rather than greedy big business interests by opposing the "right to work" bill.

This legislation, which would more accurately be called "right to screw workers," passed both houses in Michigan's congressional lame duck session.

All RTW laws are designed with one purpose in mind, minimizing salaries, benefits, and protections while maximizing corporate profits.

States engaging in this type of activity are in a race to the bottom, which will be first to emulate a third world master and peon economy.

A few salient facts.

Of the ten states with the highest per capita income, only one is a RTW state.

Of the ten states with the lowest per capita income, eight are RTW states.

Of the ten states with the fewest citizens with health insurance, seven are RTW states.

Of the ten states with the highest poverty rates, eight are RTW states.

The average per capita annual income of RTW states is $5,000 less than non-RTW states.

Now to all union haters out there.

Everything you've got as an employee- eight hour workdays, a 40 hour week, overtime, holiday pay, paid vacation, insurance - is due to union workers and their families having fought, bled, and died for it.

Yes died.

In Calumet ninety-nine years ago this Christmas Eve, 73 people, mostly children, died in the Italian Hall Massacre. They were trampled in a panic-stricken attempt to get out of a striking mineworkers Christmas party when someone yelled "fire."

Nearly 20 people swore that a man with a "Citizens Alliance" (company strikebreaker) badge was responsible. No one was ever charged.

However, the Western Federation of Miners president, Charles Moyer, was beaten, shot, kidnapped, and tossed on a train and told to leave Michigan. He recovered and returned to continue the fight for workers' rights. Your rights.

Now the concluding quote from a labor organizing song by Pete Seger, Millard Lampell, and Lee Hays.

" 'Cause if you wait for the boss to raise your pay, We'll all be a-waiting till Judgment Day." - Talking Union (1941)

Brian Johnson




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