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Things to ponder

December 23, 2013
The Daily News


Some things to ponder over:

- Taxes go up freedom goes down, power to the bureaucrats.

- Voters again raised their taxes in Dickinson County. How stupid, more dollars for the unions.

- George Washington hung traitors and liars who were elected all levels.

- We the people, make our own stupid mistakes. Barry Obama is the big one.

- You are the main enemy of the present federal government under Barry Obama and his administration and followers.

- Those of us who were not fooled by Obama.

- What went wrong? Who's at fault? Why are we going wrong? Who can we blame?

- Tea party means "taxed enough already."

- Obama has sealed his past, he lied from the start.

- Media refusing to investigate them and labeling them for what they are. BHO - Mr. Baloney.

- Dishonesty in a elected officials, we have many.

- Narcissistic behavior and attitude, he's got it.

- Congenital liar, King Pinocchio (Obama).

- Entitlements, expense, taxes you pay.

- Buffoons, stupid behavior, you can have 'em.

- Negatism equals hell verses positive equals heaven, you decide.

- Bureaucracy or the secret police.

- Why don't Americans want to be Americans anymore?

- Obama is a Muslim name. From now on it is King Pinocchio.

- Once you start hating, you become stupid and do stupid things.

- Liberal Demos are phoney baloney, all like Obama. They can lie with a straight face.

- Easy to raise taxes isn't it, commissioners of Dickinson County?

- Let's expose Obama's criminally forged birth certificate and bring him to justice to be legally removed from office. What big media isn't telling us.

- Obama voters, how much Kool Aid did you drink?

- How's the Obama thing working out for you so far?

Am I going crazy or what?

Joe Massie




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