Flivvers 200 medley relay wins Westwood gold

ISHPEMING — Kingsford won the “gold medal” in the opening event Saturday of the Westwood Relays high school swim meet.

The 200 medley relay team of Toni Demerse, Hailey Johnson, Tiana Brooks and Ailie Schoenborn posted a winning time of 2:08.37.

Westwood Relays attracted five other schools including Gladstone, Rudyard, Ishpeming/Negaunee, Westwood and Marquette.

“This was strictly a relay meet that gave our kids a chance to have some fun and win some medals,” said Kingsford Coach Jim Lindstrom. “We also got to see some teams we have not seen this year such as Rudyard, Westwood and Gladstone.

“There are a lot of strong teams out there this year and our team held its own.”

The Flivvers host Ishpeming on Tuesday in their home opener at Northern Lights YMCA.

Kingsford second-place finishers from the Westwood Relays follow:

400 free relay — Bryce Horwitz, Nick Demerse, Joe Bachand, Shane Brooks

200 back relay — Emily Nelson, Kendall Johnson, Ailie Schoenborn, Toni Demerse

200 fly relay — Hailey Johnson, Toni Demerse, Kendall Johnson, Tianna Brooks

200 free relay — Nick Demerse, Bryce Horwitz, John Lindholm, Shane Brooks

4×100 IM relay — John Lindholm, Cameron Mulka, Joe Bachand, Caleb Plumley

Third place:

200 medley relay — Cameron Mulka, Caleb Plumley, Joe Bachand, Shane Brooks

200 breaststroke relay — John Lindholm, Cameron Mulka, Joe Bachand, Caleb Pumley

Mixed Varsity 500 Crescendo — Emily Nelson, John Lindholm, Toni Demerse, Shane Brooks

4×100 IM relay — Kendall Johnson, Tianna Brooks, Hailey Johnson, Ailie Schoenborn