ScuttleBu(r)t: No surprise the rivalry is over (for now)

ScuttleBu(r)t …

Some time between my nearly getting thrown off a plane in Milwaukee and watching the World Bowling Championships in Las Vegas, I got word that the Iron Mountain-Kingsford, or if you prefer Kingsford-Iron Mountain, football rivalry was kaput.

I wasn’t surprised by the decision to end the football series that started in 1925.

There had been rumblings about the game’s demise, heating up with talk that Iron Mountain wanted to keep a full football schedule by joining the West PAC. That may not have happened if Mid-Peninsula Conference football survived. (Check out sports editor Adam Niemi’s breakdown of the situaion. Everything’s there)

The expanded West PAC has posted a 2018 schedule with no room for Iron Mountain to end its six-game losing streak to Kingsford. (By the way, anybody else notice the new UP eight-player conference has a schedule opening for non-conference rivalries. What a wonderful idea!)

I can see where Iron Mountain and the West PAC’s other new members really couldn’t have much of a say in the schedule. It’s hard to make demands when you’ve gone there “hat in hand” to join.

I can also see the frustration on the other side of Woodward, where Kingsford has enough problems scheduling varsity football games and didn’t want to lose another one. Especially a rivalry of this magnitude.

Let’s not forget we’re talking about thousands of dollars lost in game revenue, too. That can’t be hard to swallow.

The 93-game series stands at 45-45-3. Former Flivver stars Andy LeBlanc and Steve Short, possibly having some fun, want to see an alumni game settle the deadlock.

“I got one play at QB in me and then you can have the rest of the game,” Andy tweeted to Steve.

I predict the Twin City varsity football rivalry will resume in the future. The UP 11-player football landscape will likely change in the next few years, leaving the possibility where the Mountaineers and Flivvers could meet again.

For that 94th meeting, please play the game on a Saturday afternoon. Friday night may be football night but Saturday afternoon in the fall means something special.

Like the Iron Mountain vs. Kingsford football game …