There’s always IM-K soccer for grid fans


ScuttleBu(r)t …

I’ve been reminded that a “varsity football” game will continue between Iron Mountain and Kingsford.

Although the series hasn’t been around since 1925, the Mountaineers and Flivvers will square off on the soccer, or football, fields in 2018.

The soccer guys and gals play with as much determination, sometimes as much contact, and usually play to close outcomes.

The recently cancelled Twin City football series stands at 45-45-3. Former Flivver stars Andy LeBlanc and Steve Short, possibly having some fun, want to see an alumni game settle the deadlock.

“I got one play at QB in me and then you can have the rest of the game,” Andy tweeted to Steve.

The Mountaineers should counter with Tom Bertoldi and Ricky Mike Popp.

Early Vegas line has the Flivvers by four if they can get a couple snaps out of Berlinski and Duval …

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, asked by the Las Vegas Review-Journal on getting a Christmas present for chief adversary Brad Keselowski: “He’s already going to hell, so it’s not like I have to buy him a trip there.”

Mild-mannered Calumet girls basketball coach Jeff Twardzik watched his Copper Kings struggle to beat rival Hancock. Both teams combined for 62 turnovers in a game,

“I always had the mentality that the kids have enough pressure on them, so for me to yell, I don’t think it’s going to calm them,” Twardzik told Bryce Derouin of The Mining Gazette. “As much as I’m burning up inside and want to jump up and down, it’s more for the kids to keep them calm, so I try to keep myself calm, first.”

Iron Mountain athletic director Joe Pontbriand has still got game. He earned tourney MVP after leading Juice Promotions to the championship of the 2017 Carney Early Bird Basketball Tournament …

Top three states with the most bowling centers: Pennsylvania 318, New York 317 and Wisconsin 308 …